Advertise like a goliath

For every small or medium sized business out there, there’s also a giant. A giant competitor, with a giant ad budget.

Well, it’s time your Goliath met A simple, self-serve advertising platform built 100% for smaller businesses. To get more return on less budget, with smarter localized targeting, and marketing tools that were once only available to the big guys. Because with the right aim, small is powerful. And with, any sized business can advertise like a goliath.

For Advertisers Self Service Campaign Manager –

  • Intelligent Advertiser Campaign Management Platform
  • Presented as a self-service platform for SMBs to create and manage Ai-targeted online campaigns
  • Tools to help merchants identify, connect, and engage qualified prospects using programmatic, search, and other digital marketing tools
  • Technology portfolio of proprietary and licensed software connecting advertisers and consumers
  • Advertising equivalent of Intuit’s Quickbooks for Small and Medium Businesses

Proprietary Consumer Engagement Apps and Digital Publications – including  daviedeals, NearBuyLife, PerkPlusUSA and others

  • User Curated, Apps and web platforms to identify, like, and share the best deals
  • Geotargeted and user lifestyle targeted
  • Utilizes matching algorithm to connect customers to their favorite merchants using first-party-provided preference data – Campaign Manager

  • Guides Advertisers through the process of building a campaign
  • Enables Geo-targeting
  • Enables Category Selection for context placement or retargeting
  • Facilitates Paid Search

Intelligent Placement of Ads

  • Utilizes hundreds or programmatic exchanges
  • Presents Ad to proprietary or affiliate platforms without routing through exchange
  • Allocates budgets across programmatic, direct, private networks, or paid search

davieads Creation Tool

  • Provides a template driven ad creation tool to match promotions to digital media requirements
  • Maintains inventory of advertiser creative for future use
  • Guides advertisers to the right elements of a successful ad

Our Offerings – for Publishers Publisher – Supply Side Platform

  • Creates Virtual Private Market Place for Advertising Opportunity Marketing
  • Allows Publishers to present advertising opportunities directly to advertisers (or agencies) or submit opportunities to programmatic exchanges and other private networks
  • Tools to guide advertisers to best marketplace opportunities first, direct to publishers, then present ads for programmatic exchanges, maximizing margin and engaging advertisers directly for remarketing

Publisher Inventory Management

  • Allows publishers to establish their own inventory preferences, pricing models and advertiser
  • Allows opportunity distribution by publisher

Ad Inventory Management & Analytics

  • Organized data to make pricing, placement, and strategic decisions
  • KPI management and alerts Audience Extension

  • Allows Publishers to market their advertisers beyond their own publications into a network of third-party publishers to increase revenue opportunity and advertiser reach

Why our Advertiser Platform is Needed

Businesses on their own, are not ready to present ads to the best customers (like those online right now), with the best ads (like videos), on the best media outlets (like Private Networks, Connected TVs or mobile phones);

  • Facebook and other social media are closed systems only providing access to their own users requiring advertisers to place ads in a variety of platforms;
  • SMBs don’t have experience, competence in digital marketing, may not be aware of access to Programmatic RTB eco-system;
  • SMBs can’t afford agencies’ fees to build comprehensive advertising programs, but still need to be guided to the right opportunities; Large DSPs have minimum spends greater than most SMBs can afford;
  • SMBs need to effectively convert ad impressions to sales, our intelligent engagement platform facilitates customer acquisition
  • SSPs and other publisher platforms charge inflated transaction fees diluting publisher margin
  • Publisher ad sales organizations have limited reach, are unable to engage every potential advertiser
  •® Publisher platform connects advertisers directly to publisher advertising opportunities without a sales representative involved
  • Publishers can extend their audience by offering advertising opportunities through the exchanges to affiliated or their—party publications creating new revenue streams
  • White label offering creates a technology-enabled sales channel and brand extension Leveraging Our Offerings to Extend Audiences and create additional revenue

Take a look at how advertising with can be a game changer for your business.

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