About LifeWise Digital

Your Business Success Is Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the best and easiest advertising tools, tech and expert help needed for companies like yours to create a better funnel for getting new customers.

LifeWise Digital has developed a state-of-the-art digital marketing platform that provides hyper-targeting capabilities based on lifestyle profiles of individual consumers.

Driven by our LifeWise-AI smart ad targeting platform, a learning DSP/SSP platform and a rapidly growing analytics data management platform, the LifeWise intelligent engagement ecosystem includes:

  • User-curated digital engagement platforms, users train systems to understand their lifestyle commitments and behaviors and connects consumers and merchants who are best suited.
  • Apps that use swipe to save, share or reject allow users to zero in on the right merchant and merchants connect to the right consumer.
  • Web sites and ecommerce platform platforms that allow users to engage the way they want to engage with the merchants they love.

Our Approach

We continue to build the best technology tools that help take the complex and time intensive process of creating ads and finding the best audiences that want your products and services.
We are enabling small and medium sized business to compete with the big-boys when it comes to digital advertising.
Our innovative AI software combined with our decades of technology/marketing expertise helps us offer an amazing product now along with us always working to a better product going forward.

Our Values

Client Focus

We have a explicit commitment to exceed expectations by creating innovative Ai driven tools, along with our expert team who are dedicated to driving new business and growing your client base.


We are a group of enthusiastic, and technology driven individuals who have come together to level the marketing playing field. We are on a mission to empower small and midsize company.


Our tools are based on the most current technology, and built by experts across multiple disciplines. Our team has decades of business and marketing experience that drives us to create outstanding services for the business we help.

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