Sign Up for LifeWise Local Paid Google Search for PIRTEK USA


  • Each owner will have a dedicated local account for Google Paid Search.

  • The program will be administered by the Lifewise Digital team.

  • The program will initially be focused on google search and will begin using keywords that best describe your business and services and prompt viewers to call or click through to your location page on the PIRTEK USA website.

  • The program will be set-up initially using the keywords that have been utilized, researched and optimized by the national program.

  • The program has a minimum monthly budget of $600 per month per location. This budget covers administration of the program and the cost of media placement.

  • Each location’s program performance will be evaluated monthly and if applicable, recommendations to adjust the content, targeting, or allocation of budget will be made.

  • Monthly analytics reporting and program performance recommendations and adjustments will be provided to each participating Franchise Owner.

  • There is a minimum commitment of six months, payment by credit card or check is required to begin your campaigns.

Download Forms & Email them or upload them with our webform >

Complete the Program Agreement, Sign Up and Credit Card Authorization forms below and email them all to [email protected] – Or fill out the web form and upload the files.

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